Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A good day

I passed Folio 400 in St Andrew's yesterday. That makes the ward one-third done. Completion should be in early August. After that, only one ward to go! St Patrick's and St Andrew's each contained between 1100 and 1200 houses.

Yesterday's section was a breeze. Not one "invisible" schedule and just the odd word or age which proved to be unreadable. Tomorrow's session should be very interesting. It includes Upper Canada College in its original home on the south side of Queen Street. Glancing forward yesterday, I noticed the homes of various masters and teachers. I await to see if the pupils are listed--the school itself may not be in its proper place geographically, but stored in the file titled “Institutions and Goals” (not my spelling mistake, by the way) on the St Patrick's film.

Happy Canada Day, by the way!

I hear you haven’t had the best weather for it, not like here. We are into the second week of the Wimbledon tennis and there has only been one 20-minute session of rain. With our longer days it is very hot.

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