Thursday, 16 July 2009

Worthwhile Suggestions

Surround and conquer.
Go backward to come forward.
The timeline is your best friend.
In searching, don't filter too quickly,

If you can't find the truth in the story,
check out the storyteller.

The above suggestions to genealogists come from John Reid's blog of today (or was it yesterday). John lives in Eastern Daylight time, I live in British Summer Time. No matter.

But they don't half fit the last ten households I have just transcribed. One with initials for given names who said the family consisted of 4 females and 3 males but admitted 2 boys went to school; two with lists of very legible given names where the sexes didn't fit; one where the head of the household wrote his entire schedule in invisible ink but signed his name on the back; and, lastly, the young couple of 23 and 22 where he listed his wife as exactly that--"wife".

I hope we shall be able to find the "storytellers" in other documents to discover the rest of their stories.

Transcription of St Andrew's has now reached Division 4 of 5. Provided swine flu doesn't catch up with me I will make my deadline.

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